B.S. Parks and Forest Resources
Wiscasset, Maine

Being the last student to graduate from the entering class of 2012, my favorite memory is definitely something that needs a little more explanation. It was when I realized I had found my people. It was way back during my Unity Experience class my freshman year. This of course was the last year the Unity Experience classes took part in SPOILED, which was basically a post apocalyptic scenario of figuring out what the world would be like after we reached peak oil. My class had been split into groups to figure out certain aspects. My partner and I were working on shelter solutions. I started trying to reason out possible practical solutions and I was not even convinced of what I was saying. My partner suddenly just said, “Just kill half the population and the rest can simply use existing structures.” In that moment I froze, my face lit up, and I realized I no longer had to hold back my hatred of the human race. I finally found people as crazy as I was. Part of what makes this school so special is that a very unique crowd is attracted to it and that should never change. It was the greatest feeling to feel like I belong because of what makes me weird.