B.S. Sustainable Agriculture
Farmingdale, Maine

I will be the farm manager at Maine Medicinals in Dresden, Maine.  – a certified organic farm where we grow elderberries and other botanicals that we process and manufacture into herbal and dietary supplements.

Pictured are some of her favorite memories and people. Photos include: Welcoming my baby sister (Maggie Gross) to Unity College last fall. I can’t wait to watch her thrive these next three years. Hammocks of course!! (w/ Kaela Campanella and Maggie Gross) Any and all memories with my sustainable agriculture crew and Doug. And alllll the spinach (Maddy ❤️) Pictured with me is Casey Robison (also graduating) Winning the New England food innovation challenge at St. Joseph’s College with Lyndsay Sharrock, Maddy Cain, Cate Kandle, Casey Robison and Tabitha Day. Kaela Campanella (also graduating) and I just a month or so after meeting

Other honorary mentions: Tuesday night trivia at UHOP, any class with Doug Fox, work study at the wellness center (thank you Angelia, Heather and Anna ❤️). And lastly, as a transfer student in 2017, I didn’t know a single soul coming in to Unity. Luckily, Kaela Campanella and I somehow crossed paths as another incoming transfer student, and we’ve been inseparable ever since. Thank you Unity for these memories and these people that I’ll hold so close to my heart.