B.S. Earth and Environmental ScienceĀ 
Dracut, Mass.

My Future andĀ  a Highlight video

What I hope to do is to return to Maine with a job that makes me happy and one where I can truly make a difference. My hope is to find a career within the realm of waste management; helping to create a better waste and recycling stream, in which we are pushing for reducing and reusing instead of prioritizing recycling. I also want to work and/or volunteer with a variety of organizations and nonprofits for environmental advocacy in regards to education about climate change, waste systems, water quality issues such as CSOs and encouraging municipal water quality testing of rivers and lakes. I really hope to find my place in this world, and just hope to make it at least a little better.


Highlights of my time at Unity College:

  • Founding the Nerf Club
  • Moderating Humans vs Zombies
  • Finding the love of my life
  • Building professional bonds and relationships with much of the faculty and staff (Jen Whelan is the best boss ever and deserves the best)
  • Finding some people that I can truly call my friends
  • Furthering my environmental education to create a better future