B.S. Captive Wildlife Care and Education
Riverside, R.I.

Highlights of my time at Unity:

Everything, really. I had such a great time! Some of my favorites are:

  • Nova. I don’t think any other school has an experience quite like Nova. I met so many cool people, and got to see the beautiful coastline of Maine. It was a great adventure!
  • The Common Ground Fair. It is still the only country fair I have ever been to, and it’s so cool that there is an event like that in Unity.
  • Sky Lodge opening. I haven’t been to Sky Lodge since then, but it was nice to see a beautiful part of the state, even if it was a long trip.
  • Birding Club owl banding. The birding club went on a trip to band Saw-whet Owls, and it was amazing! It was freezing, but the owls were so cute and it was a great experience!
  • Rocky Horror and the drag show. Both of these events were so fun, and it was a lot of laughs!
  • My internship. It was great to have a taste of what I’ll be doing after I graduate, and it was a lot of fun! I got to work with a lot of cool animals at Foster Parrots, and met a lot of great people.
  • The climate strike event. It was nice to be at a school that cares about environmental issues, and supports its students in speaking out on those issues.
  • Humans vs Zombies. It was a fun event with some great people, and a great way to blow off steam when class gets tough.

Future plans:

​​I hope to work with animals, especially birds, at a zoo or sanctuary, or get involved in conservation projects.